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IDW Research groups

Business Models

Effective business models are the foundation of every company. Increasing digitalization requires rethinking in many models and enables entirely new possibilities in other places. This research group is concerned with digital business models, the Internet economy and the economic evaluation of digitalization projects.

Data Science

Data Science uses historical data to predict future events. There are many possible applications for it. For example, Data Science techniques and processes are used in the automotive industry for driver assistance systems, in mechanical engineering for predicting machine failures, or in the financial sector for credit risk models.

Internet of Things

The "Internet of Things" area deals with the networking of objects with the Internet. The goal here is to enable networked devices to communicate with each other in order to independently solve predefined problems.

Smart Factory

The Smart Factory aims to organize itself independently and without human intervention to a large extent. The Smart Factory is thus at the heart of Industry 4.0 and is based on the use of cyber-physical systems and intelligent networking of machines and products. Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Markus Pfeil