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Robocup Team of RWU qualifies for World Cup!

Das Team für den Robocup

Now it's definite! The Robolab team from RWU, supported by the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has qualified for this year's RoboCup World Championship in Bordeaux.

Every year, the world's largest robotics Olympics brings together representatives of top international robotics and AI research, scientists and students to pit their robots against each other in various competitions. Originally, RoboCup was a robot soccer tournament, but now there are four leagues: Soccer, Rescue, @Home and Industry.

Parallel to the competitions, the RoboCup Symposium takes place. A congress where new scientific findings in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics are shared.

One of the robots.

Our Master of Computer Science students will be competing in the @Home league with two service robots on site. Both robots, one of which is completely self-developed, are designed to relieve humans of simple everyday tasks, such as bringing items. Apart from our domestic context, such autonomous assistants are also intended to relieve nursing staff in nursing homes, for example, so that they can concentrate on providing professional care to residents.  

Apart from the demanding path towards qualifying for the RoboCup, our students face the challenge of presenting two complex robots under merciless competition conditions, which must function immediately and flawlessly on the spot. What goes smoothly in a research context in the lab, a highly controllable environment, is all the more difficult in a competition context. The RoboCup team can look back on many years of experience (Best Poster Award Robocup Virtual Worldcup 2021 / 1st Place European Robotics League Oldenburg 2022).

We are excited and keep our fingers crossed for the participants at their first World Cup!

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