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For the lecture “Data Security” by Prof. Ertel an Enigma, a historical cipher machine, is being reconstructed. 

The intention of this project is to illustrate the students a vivid example how the race between encryption, i.e. data security, and cracking the secret, i.e. the attackers, works.  As original working Enigmas are very expensive, years ago this project of reconstruction had been started.  Important to mention is that the modern cryptography consists exclusively of abstract mathematics and algorithmic. Especially the historical Enigma is made for lectures, because this electromechanical masterpiece can be looked at and touched. Primary object in the topic of cryptography and data security is the free and peaceful use of the modern encryption method for the protection of privacy and intellectual properties.

It is yet not clear how many Enigmas are going to be built. If enough machines are going to be built, one replica will properly cost about 5,000 EUR.

Link to the project:

Enigma - historische Chiffriermaschine

Project Lead