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Festo Learning Gripper

Auf einen Blick

Festo Learning Gripper successfully on Hanover Fair

On behalf of the company Festo the so called Learning Gripper was developed by KIDS. It is a robot gripper with four fingers which learns independently to rotate a ball in raised position in any given orientation.

 Learning Gripper auf der Messe
Learning Gripper at the fair


 Beide Greifer in Aktion
Both Gripper in action


FESTO und KIDS am Messestand
Arne Rost (Festo) and Stephan Schädle (KIDS) at the fair stand


Here are only fundamental operations and possible positions of the fingers as well as feedback features of the environment defined in advance. The Learning Gripper only receives the specification what it should be able to do. But not how it should solve the task. This complex movement strategy is developed by learning algorithms of the Gripper independently – without any further programming.





Press Robot Gripper Learns with Ball (German) A Robot with flair (German)


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