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Marvin the Paranoid Robot

Our current service robot Marvin has been developed within the context of the AsRoBe project (Assistant Robot for People with Physical Disabilities).

The MPO-700 by Neobotix is used as mobile base. Due to its four omnidirectional drive, it allows movement in all directions and offer because of its 120 kg tare weight a stable standing.  Two Sick S300-B 2D laser scanners and a belt of SRF08 ultrasonic sensors are used for navigation, collision avoidance and self-localization. A Jaco 2 arm by Kinova is affixed on the linear guidance by Festo. Thanks to the linear guidance objects can be picked up from the ground a brought up a height of 2.30m.

The linear guidance includes a PTU (Pan-Tilt Unit) by Flir which is used to move an ASUS Xtion Pro RGB-D camera in order to recognize objects. The entire service robot weights about 150 kg and its measurements are 1750 mm x 509 mm x 348 mm (length x width x height). The data of the sensors and actuators are processed on an Intel Xeon E3-1275v3 3,50GHz processor. Furthermore, the industrial motherboard DFI HD310-Q87 MicroATX and 32 GB DDR3 RAM are used.

Facebook page of Marvin.

About RoboCup@Home

In the future, service robots should be able to undertake useful and helpful tasks in the household. In order to do so, a robot needs certain abilities, such as to orient oneself in the own apartment, to recognize and grab common household objects or the natural interaction with human via voice.  In the RoboCup@Home-League participating service robots have to prove those abilities in various tests. The arena is highly inspired by a home environment, e.g. an apartment.

The single tests include inter alia cleaning a room, supporting the weekly groceries, or serving guests at a party. In an “Open Challenge” next to those firmly defined tasks the teams have the possibility to demonstrate the robot’s innovative and complex abilities which are not queried in the previous test.

The special challenge for the RoboCup@Home-League is to develop intelligent robot systems which not only meet their tasks robustly and reliably under laboratory conditions but also in real and authentic environments. We are looking for interested students from all courses of studies to join our University of Applied Sciences of  Ravensburg-Weingarten Team. We will participate with our robot Marvin which has been developed within the context of the project “Assistant Robot for People with Physical Disabilities” (AsRoBe). But there still a lot of work for the RoboCup.  Therefore, we need your help!

Just step by, at the robotics laboratory rom K002a of Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IKI)! Further information is available at and

Marvin the paranoid Robot

Project Lead