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Aim of Intelligent Machines

Developing an intelligent machine which boasts artificial intelligence aims to generate software in this way that it can imitate the human brain as far as possible. The algorithm learns based on what it has already leant, such as the human brain. The more efficient the system and the richer the set of data, the wiser the machine.

Roboter Kurt

Since June 2018 the Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IKI) has been doing research in developing an intelligent robot. In new situations this robot called Kurt should approach human in order to ask for solution.  After teaching the robot an approach which is new to it, the robot should be able to solve this kind of problem independently. Kurt is a competent interaction partner and capable to communicate, because Kurt is able to detect anomalies and to ask independently what needs to be done.

Advantage for People with Disability

This option offers people with physical restricted mobility countless advantages in copping their everyday life. Self-determination is taking an extremely high priority for affected persons as the existence is mainly determined by the dependency of other people. By using robotic manipulators not only the work load of the nursing staff could be reduced but also the inhibiting threshold of people with disabilities could be lowered. It seems to be easier to request a robot for help instead of a nursing staff which has to act in an understaffed business. Furthermore, a usage in the cleaning of public areas would be possible.

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