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Supported by research assistants working in the field of service robots, students are supposed to technically enhance the service robots Kate and Marvin enabling them to participate in the annual national and international contest RoboCup@Home where service robots of universities from all over the world are competing. Service robots have to make sure that they can manage “real-life” problems. Like that, RoboCup@Home is from learning and teaching point of view an ideal mock up. The studying content taught in different programs is practically used right away and so the student‘s skills are not only theoretically ensured but also field-tested. Technically, the national and international contest challenges all participants and is further, providing a platform for students to learn more about engineer-like and academic work through problem-oriented, research- and project-based learning.

Developed Publications
B. Stähle and W. Ertel. Teaching ROS efficiently to mixed skill classes. In European Robotics Forum 2018, Tampere, Finland, March. 2018


Project Lead