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Assistive Robot for People with Physical Disability

Against the background of demographic change research is taking place if mobile service robots for people with physical disabilities can be a help. Those following fascinating questions are main focus:  :

  • What kind of help does people with physical disability need?
  • To what extent can service robots which are available in the medium term deliver this help cost-effectively (i.e. economically viable and accepted by the user)?
  • How should such a robot be built up?
  • How should human and robot communicate? (human-robot interface)
  • To what extent will potential users accept such machines as compensation or complement for human help?
  • To what extent are other technical tools suitable?

Those questions should be evaluated empirically with a prototypical service robot in real environment of people with physical disability. The two university partners bring the required scientific, interdisciplinary expertise from both service robotics and nursing. Die Zieglerschen as great social agency in Upper Swabia provide their establishment and staff and offer access to people with physically disability and their apartments.


Project Lead

Contact Person

Project Team AG Ertel

M.Sc. Steffen Pfiffner (ehem.) M.Sc. Benjamin Reiner (ehem.)

Project Team AG Winter