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The ergonomically correct execution of care measures is highly relevant in order to provide an ideal patient centered care and to avoid secondary health damage of the nursing staff. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of ergonomics experts, who are needed for the proper training of caregivers.

In this project, a virtual trainer will be developed that supports individual learning of ergonomically correct movements in the field of medical care. The movements performed by the experts will be recorded using sensor-based systems. Those movements serve as a reference standard which will be learned by the virtual trainer applying machine learning methods.

While practicing the nursing care activities the trainees will receive immediate feedback from the virtual ergonomic trainer. Here, the trainees are informed about correct and wrong movements in the form of auditory, visual or haptic feedback and possible improvements are suggested.

Developed Publications
Ankita Agrawal and Wolfgang Ertel. Automatic nursing care trainer based on machine learning. In KHD@IJCAI-ECAI-2018, pages 53--59, Stockholm, 2018

Ankita Agrawal and Wolfgang Ertel. Machine learning based virtual ergonomics trainer in the field of nursing care. In Zukunft der Pflege, Innovative Technologien für die Pflege, page 106, 2018


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