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The Intelligent Walking Frame

It is about the development of an intelligent walking frame particularly used in residential long-term medical care in order to reduce the work load of the nursing staff as well as allowing a more self-determined life in residential care homes for the elderly. An electric motor supports the user of the RABE walking frame, while managing longer distances or slopes and also makes transportation easier.  Furthermore, the walking frame is supposed to autonomously master short distances by special sensory support and navigation abilities. For example, at night or when the user is eating lunch the walking frame is able to find a parking position. Likewise the walking frame is able guide the user to predefined places.

Recognition of Gait Patterns

For Parkinson patients a laser diode-projected route on the ground is implemented in order to overcome gait blockings easier. By analyzing anomalies of the user’s gait pattern the walking frame is able to recognize when the general physiological constitution changes in order to prevent a fall or to inform the nursing staff.  


Project partners

Telocate GmbH Telocate GmbH
Reiser AG Reiser AG

Project Lead

Contact Person

Project TeamInstitute for Artificial Intelligence (IKI)

Project Team Institute for Gerontological Care and Nursing Research (IGVP)