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Control and Process Engineering



    Recent engineering problems become more and more complex, nonlinear and high-dimensional. We develop together with students systems to analyze, simulate and control these technological processes. Control algorithms like Model Predictive Control and fresh high-level programming languages like Julia or MATLAB are associated with artificial intelligence, embedded computing or process engineering to span a wide range of research. These fields of research are explained in detail below.

    Scheme of a heating plate with three heat sources and five sensors

    Thermal Process Engineering

    Thermal problems play an important role in many technological processes. Many examples like building air conditioning, cooling of engines or server clusters, and optimal tempering for the production of synthetic material unveil the significance of the right heat supply. Our team develops simulations and control algorithms for thermal problems in the case of multiple heat sources. In these scenarios the controller has to decide how much heat shall be supplied and at which position. Common applications can be found in the field of bake processes for the semiconductor industry.

    Scientific Machine Learning

    Recent machine learning approaches have a huge impact on IT services like search engines and social networks. Though, the research of complex systems bases as well on data-driven modeling. In many cases it is too complicated to describe these complex systems in detail. Therefore, systems with partly known properties are modeled as so called grey box models to approach the real system with the computation on large data sets. For example the driving dynamics of vehicles cannot be described in detail because every component has some certain influence. Instead a grey box model is considered which is improved with data from experiments and test drives. Chemical reactions with a huge amount of particles or reactants state another example. It is very hard to state a model in closed form for these reactions because every component could interact with each other. Thus, these chemical reactions are modeled as grey box models and optimized with data from experiments.

    See also: SciML

    Embedded Systems

    Embedded systems can be found in almost every technological application ranging from consumer electronics to industrial robotics. They are used for measuring and processing data, for example light management in buildings. In many cases, commercial controllers are less flexible and more expensive than single-board computer. Thus, we use single-board computers as controlling units in scientific projects and small scale industrial processes in the areas of process technology, electrical and mechanical engineering to examine their field of application.

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